Trust Investments Witness Consultant

In complicated legal cases, expert witnesses can add clarity and authority to your claims. When it comes to cases that involve money, expert witnesses can be even more important to help you provide a strong argument. A trust investments witness consultant is available to help. Work with John Rodgers & Associates as you put together your trust investments case.

Trust Investments Witness Services

A trust is a legal arrangement that gives a trustee (someone who is a neutral third party) the power to hold financial assets. Trusts are often a way to pass wealth or investments to family members when someone dies. Typically, they allow assets to pass from one person to another without extra fees or time in probate court.

However, many questions can arise around trusts and investments. A trustee has specific duties to the assets and the beneficiaries. When they fail to meet those duties or if you have questions about their ability to perform those duties, you may have to get lawyers involved. If the questions escalate to court proceedings, a trust investments witness can share their expert knowledge as you seek resolution.

John Rodgers & Associates

John Rodgers has been providing expert witness service for more than 15 years. Currently, he works with attorneys and their clients to provide expert witness services during fiduciary litigation. As an experienced consultant, he shares his knowledge about trusts, estates, and investment management to help you with your financial situation.

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